Natural Stone Patio, Deck, and Pool Restoration Services in Austin TX

In Texas, we like to lounge outside on our decks, patios, pools, and porches. When your friends or family come to congregate, you want you to make sure that your outdoor living space is clean and inviting. That is why it makes a lot of sense to hire professional pressure washers for deck and patio cleaning in Austin TX.

Reputation means something here and South Austin Pressure Washing is a family owned and operated company that knows what it takes to succeed in a consumer-driven industry. Call us today for a free estimate or quote!

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Deck and Deck and Patio Cleaning Austin TX

Why Use Professional Deck and Patio Restoration Services?

Decks and patios take a beating in the Texas sun. Poorly maintained decks and patios will deteriorate and become damaged; just hope that your loved ones or guests are not standing on it when the worst occurs. When it comes time to stain or seal your outdoor surfaces, give it a good pressure washing first to ensure no dust or debris becomes trapped underneath. This can compromise the performance of the stain and cause moisture to gain access to the material below. Plus, a clean surface is always the easiest to work with when it comes to paint or stain.

Those Texas UV rays will weather and fade your decking, especially if it is made of wood. The deck color turns gray and it becomes vulnerable to the elements that can wear it down and cause it to deteriorate prematurely. Eventually, this will result in the need to repair or replace the deck which can carry a hefty price tag.

Pressure washing your deck brings other benefits. There are potentially damaging substances that can foster, grow, and spread on decks and patios during hot, humid, or wet weather. These bacteria can put people at risk for both a nasty slip or fall due to the slick surface as well as the propensity to cause respiratory illness from exposure to toxic mold, mildew, and algae.

Why You Need Your Pool Deck Cleaned in Austin TX

Cleaning your pool deck should be an integral part of your routine home maintenance. An unkempt pool deck is more than an eyesore; it could be a health hazard. The easiest and most effective approach is pressure washing from a professional pool deck cleaning company in Austin TX.

Some reasons why you need your pool deck cleaned are:

Stops the Spread of Bacteria and Disease

The inherent purpose of a pool deck is what makes it most vulnerable to the growth of bacteria and mold. The excess pool water that can get sprayed, puddled, and spread across the deck carry bacteria, and in some instances, harmful bacteria. The longer this excess water can sit and pool on your deck, the more growth and spread of bacteria is likely. Certain bacteria can lead to illness and disease, making an unkempt and ill maintained pool a significant health risk.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool deck resolves this issue. Having the deck pressure washed routinely removes the bacteria via hot water and removes any residue like mildew or algae with high pressure methods.

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

The reason your pool deck becomes slick and slippery is due to a build-up of algae and bacteria. Debris, dirt, grime, and pollen can also contribute to making the surface of your pool deck a major fall hazard. Reduce the risk of accidents, falls, and injuries by having the pool deck cleaned professionally regularly. It is that simple to create a safer environment for everyone who uses or crosses your pool deck and surrounding area.

Boost Curb Appeal

You may be stunned by the difference that pressure washing your pool deck can make. The instant lighter and brighter look is worth the effort and you may find that cleaning up your pool area improves your property’s overall curb appeal significantly. This is most important when your swimming pool is in a highly visible, high traffic area. Plus, who wants to take a swim in a pool that appears dirty? Keep it clean and more alluring with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Prevent Deck Erosion

Do you know about deck erosion? Erosion occurs when foreign matter and elements impact the deck and erode the surface, resulting in a much shorter lifespan for your decking. Cleaning your pool deck prevents bacteria and other elements to erode its surface, which will potentially extend its lifespan. Toxins, mildew, mold, and algae can take a toll and deteriorate the decking material underneath your feet; this is even more prevalent when your deck is made from wood.

Deck, Patio, and Pool Restoration Services in Austin TX

Walls and Landscaping Restoration

Over time, your retention walls, garden edging and other landscaping structures can take a beating. They are isolated and mainly close to the ground, which allows them to be constantly exposed to the elements and sediments imbedded in the soil. This creates a perfect environment for green and black algae to grow. If not treated, the next level of organic growth starts to form. These micro-plants are called lichen, and appear as small green/black dots the size of a dime. They eat the algae and root themselves into the surface, which can result in cracking and ultimately collapse the structure. South Austin Pressure Washing uses a penetrating eco-friendly solution to break the algae barrier and remove the lichen down to the root. By using this safe technique, we are able to restore the surface and prevent organic growth from returning.

Call South Austin Pressure Washing for Your Deck, Patio, and Pool Restoration Needs!

If pressure washing is something you had not considered, now is the time. The longer you wait to clean and maintain your exterior surfaces, the more chance there is that they will be compromised and damaged from the extreme Texas conditions. Preserve your investment with pressure washing.

Let the cleaning technicians from South Austin Pressure Washing make your deck and patio a comfortable and safer place to gather and engage with loved ones. Call today for a free estimate and quote for deck and patio cleaning, or if you simply want to learn more about South Austin Pressure Washing, the go-to experts for power washing in Austin TX

Customers Reviews

SAPW did a great job. They are courteous and bery knowledgeable about what they do.
This company is great. They replied quickly to my request for service and did everything the way they promised. The support staff was professional and I will definitely use them the next time I need this type of service. Definitely my top choice for pressure washing.
I love these guys. The leadership is trustworthy and excellent at communication. The work is detailed and fairly priced. I highly recommend you call them and ask about their treatment of different surfaces - fences, concrete, siding, brick. Give them a try, you won’t regret it.
I had SAPW power wash my house and stone patio, wash my gutters and windows and then seal the patio stone. The customer service, attention to detail, and final outcome are second to none. SAPW doesn't leave until both you and they are happy with the results. I'll definitely be calling them for future washing needs.
Quality people, Quality work South Austin Pressure Wash gave me a reasonable bid. They did an excellent job on brightening up my home. Highly recommended.
Brian arrived as promised and after a short review of the scope of work he was hooked up and working.He explained some the steps he would be going through to remove some of the stains.The job was completed on time and the finished product is great.
We had our exterior walls spot cleaned and our drive way and front porch and back patio pressure washed by Christian. Being first time home owners, we werent really sure if Christian's quote was higher or lower than the prevailing average. So, we decided to get a couple of other quotes before we gave Christian the go-ahead. Bryan (his head of crew) did the job himself and I am more than satisfied with the work he did. Due to a slight misunderstanding on my part he had to do a little extra which he and Christian did graciously without a fuss. The end result is really good and I am sure I'll avail of their service in the coming years as well. They arrived on time, finished on time, the work was excellent and they were thorough professionals from start to end.
Had a bit of a mess in the alley behind our new office (homeless person had been there) and I email Christian and he responded in about 10 minutes and was at my office about 20 minutes after that. Had his crew out the same afternoon and had it all done before the end of the day. Was very impressed and would recommend him to anyone and will definitely use his company again if the need arises. Thank you so much to taking care of us so quickly!!
I am amazed how good this service was. I asked for a quote, Christian was really fast at giving it to me, he cleared all my questions and scheduled the service in the same week. The work was amazing, fast and professional. I wasn’t even home when it happened and Christian had excellent communication all the time. I will totally use this service again. Thanks for the great job.
The service was on time, courteously handled and the work was excellent. Will definitely recommend and use again.
Christian and Bryan gave me a quote on Monday and had the job completed by Friday. They provide Great service, punctual, and are very informative. The house looks almost brand new. I highly recommend.
Christian and his team were on time. Working diligently the job they did was fabulous. I will use them for all my Austin properties.
Christian has a great business that delivers quality services and results at a great price. 12 years of dinginess GONE on my sidewalks, driveway, limestone walls and patios. Sparkle and shine. Call on South Austin Pressure Wash!
Christian and his team are a pleasure to work with. If you need power washing services in Austin TX make sure you go to these guys. They are honest and exceed expectations!
Very passionate about their trade. Very professional and did a fantastic job. Highly recommend.
Christian & Brian did a great job! Arrived on time, and excellent communication. Nice guys too. Will definitely recommend them.
Christian was very responsive and easy to work with. He got the job done promptly and our house looks great! I would highly recommend him for any of your pressure washing needs.
After all the rains and a couple years of discoloration on my house paint, I was desperate to get it power washed but also wanted to include all of the concrete porches, driveways and walkways. I called South Austin pressure washing and they were out the next day to give me a bid and ended up doing the work the following day. It was amazing! To come home to a clean exterior completely mildew/mold/discoloration/residue free and smelling good made my day. Give Christian a call and you won’t be disappointed. He is honest, thorough, and reasonably price. He and his crew were on schedule, explained everything in detail, and stayed with our agreement. Great job Christian & crew.
The crew showed up on time. The job was to be 2-3 days to do our community. The work was done in a day!!! Efficient, respectful and conscientuous. Thank you so much for a job well done!
Christian and his team were excellent. Quick response time and they scheduled the job quickly and easily. They did fantastic work and the price was reasonable. A job well done all around. I would highly recommend them!
Quick response, fair pricing and excellent work. I will definitely be recommending Christian and his team at SAPW to friends, family and neighbors. Great job guys!
Call Christian and his team. They deliver a superior service. Christian prepared an estimate on Friday afternoon and scheduled us for Tuesday afternoon. Our driveway, sidewalks, front porch and walkway plus our stone porch in the back all look better than when we moved in. You will not be disappointed. Professional, timely and reasonably priced.
These guys did a fantastic job! Very professional, on time, and they worked their butts off! Thank You!
We selected Christian based off his online reviews and were not disappointed. Prompt and professional, my entire experience was hassle-free! We hired Christian for a friend's home and appreciated being sent before and after photos to see the work for ourselves.
We are selling our house and got somewhat blindsided on when our photos were going to be taken, I called Christian's cell phone (listed number on the website) at 8:30pm on Monday evening, needing my driveway, sidewalk and front walkway pressure washed before the photography crew came by at 10:30am Tuesday morning. Greg, Christian's crew chief, was at my place at 7:45am that tuesday morning, crushed it, and was gone without a trace (except a pristine driveway) by 8:30. South Austin Pressure Washers.... Lifesavers, will be calling them after we move out to pressure wash the back patio, stone walls and garage. Thank you Christian and Greg!
Christian (owner) was awesome during the entire process, as was the person (Greg) who did the actual work onsite. Thorough job, good communication and solid professionalism!!
Responsive, good service and good price. I submitted an online request. Christian followed up within half hour. Greg did the pressure wash. Greg loved his job, and tried very hard to provide the best service. Highly recommend!
I called Christian because of his excellent online reviews, and now I can see why so many are fans of his work. He offered a good price, and he arrived the next day. He did an excellent job on my driveway, front door walkway (which he threw in for free), sidewalks, back patio, and he was able to remove green plant growth (from recently removed shrubs) off my limestone facade --without damaging the grout, limestones, or the foundation's cement veneer. He was also able to get paint and even a spot of dried tar removed from my driveway.Out of 100, I would give him 110!I highly recommend South Austin Pressure Washing to anyone in the greater Austin area.
Super reliable, extremely responsive, competitively priced with a quality result. Highly recommend.
My first experience with South Austin Pressure Washing and I'm happy to have found them. I expect the relationship will continue. Most importantly to most of us looking for contractor services, he called when he said he would, he showed up when he said he would and he did the work for which he was hired in a reasonable time period. High marks.
Professional experience all the way around. Responsive, prompt, good service for a good price.
Christian and his crew are dependable, trustworthy, and will get the job done right. Highly recommend their team!
Christian and crew did a great job: effective communication, exceeded expectations at every point of service, and very proficient. Couple this with same day service at a fair price and we're well on our way to an early spring clean. Highly recommended.
These guys do an amazing job! I've used them several times now and have recommended them to family and friends. Highly recommend!
These guys are great! Very dependable and competitively priced. I called around a few vendors and these guys got back to me quickly and were easy to work with. I will use again for sure.
I'd highly recommend South Austin Pressure Washing to anyone looking to have anything on their property pressure-washed. They showed up on time, were quick, thorough, and made our house look like new again. Very responsive
I was so glad I reached out to South Austin Pressure Washing. I have a very long, steep driveway which collects a ton of filth and can be difficult to access. Christian and his team showed up on time and did a fabulous job. I will definitely be calling them again.
I am absolutely satisfied with South Austin Pressure Washing. They were on time, professional, and do quality work. Their price was competitive and I will definitely be using them in the future.
South Austin Pressure Washing did a great job power washing my driveway. It looks great now. They showed up right on time, were fast and friendly. Their pricing is fair and will definitely use them again!
South Austin Pressure Washing was great! They showed up on time and did a top-notch professional job.
As a Residential Builder, my expectations and needs were a bit hirer than most. SAPW had great communication and service throughout the entire process. Highly recommend them to all.....
As a commercial real estate investment and development shop, we're grateful to have a solid group like this to work with, that we can trust to help us maintain our properties. We couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism we encountered in working with South Austin Pressure Washing. They provide timely/conservative bids, they're punctual and they're diligent in their approach. Whether is concrete (sidewalks/parking lots), windows, siding, stone facades, decks, ... you name it, if your property needs work, these folks will tackle it in an efficient, diligent and cost effective manner. We look forward to working with them in the future.
The results are so satisfying! I have hired South Austin Pressure Washing twice so far and now my driveway and rock patio look new again!
I have used South Austin Pressure Washing many times and have always been pleased with the results. They are always on time, professional and do a great job. I have had no hesitation in letting them work for me when I am not there, as I trust Christian and his workers alone my properties. I strongly suggest this company to anyone looking for quality work at a fair price.
Christian and his crew did a professional job power washing my rear deck. Super friendly and extremely fair on pricing too. Highly recommended.
Awesome service! Most importantly, they came when they said they would and I could tell they actually cared about the quality of their work. Didn't rush the job and even took the time to confirm I was happy with the result.
Fast response, great customer service, and fair prices! Can't beat this company for all your pressure-washing needs. Highly recommend!
South Austin Pressure Washing was great! Showed up on time, got the work done efficiently and everything looked great afterward!
Great service, good price. These guys showed up with a huge commercial grade power washing machine and washed my driveway and back deck. My driveway looked brand new after they did it. Very happy with their service. Will use them again next year.

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