Dumpster Pad Cleaning Austin TX

Let’s face it- your dumpster is not the cleanest spot in the building. Dumpster pads have the dual charge of being a waste disposal receptacle but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your building, sidewalk, and curb appeal by their sheer presence. Just because dumpster pads perform a dirty job doesn’t mean they have to be unkempt or poorly maintained; pressure washing dumpster pads can do a lot that you may not realize.

Dumpsters that are untended can be a hot spot for pests, rodents, bacteria, mold, and toxins. Allowing this to accumulate and fester presents a health risk to anyone working, visiting, or passing through; clean things up and put the health of your customers and employees first with dumpster pad cleaning in Austin TX. Have your dumpster pad thoroughly cleaned and refreshed by a professional such as South Austin Pressure Washing. 

In case you didn’t know, South Austin Pressure Washing is equipped with the proper equipment, methods, heated water pressure, and detergent to thoroughly clean inside dumpster pads and remove the health hazard risks that may be present and preying on your employees and customers. 

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Why Companies Should Have Their Dumpster Pads Regularly Cleaned

Dumpster Pad Cleaning Austin TX

If you want your dumpster pad cleaned right, call on the experts. This is not the task to assign to a novice or a staff member; it requires the expertise and experience of a professional pressure washer. Don’t risk further damage or problems by resorting to your own means to clean up the pad; show the community that you care with prompt, effective attention.

Why else should you clean your dumpster pad? Consider these compelling reasons:

Slip and Fall Hazards

A dumpster pad area that is ill maintained may be covered with grease, oil, and liquids that can present a fall hazard to customers and employees. Even one trip across a dirty dumpster pad could result in an injury and subsequent lawsuit that threatens the business and your livelihood. Play it safe and keep it clean!

Rodents and Pests

Dumpster areas are a breeding ground for insects, rodents, pests, and bacteria because they contain left-over food items and liquids that attract these creatures. In some cases, parasites can grow in unattended dumpster pad areas that can be carried on hands, clothes, and shoes and eventually make its way back to your business via your customers and staff. This could cause contamination, illness, and health repercussions.

Unsightly and Smelly

Most would agree that an unattended dumpster pad can be an eyesore as well as repel potential customers or guests. These sites typically emit foul smells that can spread across the premises and deter customers from visiting surrounding businesses- including your own.

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Ensure that rodents and pests stay away from your premises and curb the risk of toxins and disease by thoroughly cleaning your dumpster pads with the cleaning professionals at South Austin Pressure Washing. We give free estimates and quotes to our valued customers for their dumpster pad cleaning needs and assure you that we are the go-to experts for power washing in Austin TXCall us today.

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