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South Austin Pressure Washing is a trusted local business offering residential and commercial pressure washing services to residents throughout Austin and Central Texas. We take pride in our quality of work. Each member of our professionally trained team is a stickler for details and treat your property like it is their own. We vow to never cut corners. We will never use cheap, harmful materials and will always provide specific services, carefully designed to meet your unique cleaning needs. From environmental friendly house soft washing options, Ipe wood restorations, to the largest commercial projects, we are Austin’s preferred exterior cleaning business who simply “Get It Right”.

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Pressure Washing Austin Texas

The owners of South Austin Pressure Washing are committed to serving the Austin and Central Texas community. We are local as our children attend the same schools your children attend. Our family and friends live here. We partake in the same awesome Austin TX cuisine you partake in. We are nothing without this community and our reputation, so your needs and satisfaction are our number one priority.

You don’t pay for the work we have done until you are 100% satisfied with the results and we stand behind our work all the way. We understand that you have a unique situation and problem and our team is committed to specifically solving that for you. With years of experience there isn’t a situation we haven’t seen. Equipped with professional grade equipment, environmentally safe chemicals, and the latest cleaning techniques we make sure that you are taken care of.

Here at South Austin Pressure Washing, you may contact the owners directly because they are devoted to giving you the best experience. We are proud of our Home advisor top rated business award along with excellent ratings across the web. Call us today for a free estimate!

Why Choose
We Increase Your Property Value
Utilizing South Austin Pressure Washing’s services is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. According to the National Association of Realtors pressure washing your home can add between $10,000 - $15,000 to your home. For your coveted commercial properties, it not only adds value to your property, but it can attract new customers and have old customers coming back as customers appreciate a well-maintained business.
We Boost Your Home and Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal
Become the beacon of your community with a simple power wash from South Austin Pressure Washing. The curb appeal of your property is pivotal in attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones. Our pressure washing services removes stains and other contaminants that make your property look unattractive and poorly maintained. The curb appeal of your property is important especially if you are thinking about selling your property and should give you a sense of pride and ownership.
We Keep Your Family and Employees Healthy
Your home and commercial property is one of your most coveted assets. The build-up of mold, mildew, dirt, and algae on your property can be bothersome and even harmful to your family and employees especially if they have health ailments such as allergies or asthma. South Austin Pressure Washing services ensures that we eliminate these contaminants so that they don’t affect your family or employees. Cleaner surfaces also mean safer environments and can greatly reduce the chance of costly slip and fall accidents to your employees.
We Save You Money
Regularly investing in our power washing services in Austin TX is a tremendous way to save money on costly and expensive exterior home and commercial property repairs. Maintaining the cleanliness of your property prevents rotting, decay, and premature aging of your properties while extending the life of them.

Soft-washing is a cleaning method utilizing low pressure and specific cleaning solutions which is typically comprised of bleach, water, and a surfactant that allows you to remove stingy contaminants such as mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, dirt, and grime without damaging your home or commercial property. We utilize soft-washing methods to clean areas of your home that should not be cleaned with high pressure such as roofs. The difference between power washing and soft-washing is that one is leveraging high pressure water to clean surfaces while the other uses environmentally safe chemicals to do the heavy lifting.

At South Austin Pressure Washing we only use chemicals that are eco-friendly and safe for your home, commercial properties, and plants.  Most pressure washing chemicals are eco-friendly and save a considerable amount of time on money and labor. Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and are harmless to humans. The chemicals used by South Austin Pressure Washing is of the highest quality and as you can imagine be quite expensive. We separate ourselves from lower quality operators in our industry who cut corners by making more money and charge less at the expense of their service.

These pesky dark stains on your siding is mold. Mold thrives in humidity and only needs a food source to go along with the Texas humidity and before you know it you have dark stains on your siding. Soft-washing chemicals can get rid of this mold. At South Austin Pressure Washing, we safely remove mold from your siding with our high-quality cleaning agents. Mold can be harmful to the health of your family and create a harmful environment especially if they have allergies or asthma

The wood on your deck or fence turns grey because of the combination of the sun and water. In order to stop the degradation of color on your fence, ensure that you are staining and sealing your fence or deck regularly so that you maintain its original color. You should NEVER use high pressure when cleaning your wood. At South Austin Pressure Washing we only use soft wash techniques to clean your wooden fences, decks, and trim.

We do clean windows here at South Austin Pressure Washing. When we clean the exterior of your home there is a high chance that your windows will need to be properly cleaned as well. When our window cleaning services are combined with our house washing services, you can expect a clean home as well as streak free windows. Call us for a reduced rate for window cleaning if coupled with a house wash!

NO! All of our contractors and technicians are trained and certified in the latest techniques coupled with years of experience. This means that not only are they knowledgeable on the best cleaning practices for your property, but they also have experienced several situations which allows them to make the right choice each and every time. We only use the highest quality equipment, material, and cleaning agents for specific purposes and surfaces. Also, since we are experienced in high pressure and soft-washing techniques, we always use the right pressure on your property to prevent damage.

We carry a 2-million-dollar insurance policy at South Austin Pressure Washing as well as having worker’s comp. Insurance is important so that you are not liable or held responsible for the injuries a contractor might incur on a job. Also, in very rare incidents, accidents occur to your home or commercial property, that you should not be liable or responsible for as well.

South Austin Pressure Washing offers competitive rates but unfortunately our industry is plagued with average joes equipped with pressure washers and fly-by-night businesses that offer extremely low prices. The reason this happens is because these companies usually use equipment that is not professional, low-quality chemicals that are harmful, don’t carry the proper insurance, and cut corners in their work to make more of a profit at the expense of your home. According to the Better Business Bureau, lower priced offers equates to more customer complaints and unresolved issues. At South Austin Pressure Washing, we guarantee fair and affordable prices for the highest degree of exterior cleaning.

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Stop holding off your exterior cleaning needs and give South Austin Pressure Washing a call. We offer residential and commercial power washing services in Austin TX. Whether it is a simple house wash or complex store front cleaning, we will get the job done until you are satisfied one hundred percent!


South Austin Pressure Washing is a local family owned and operated power washing company in Austin TX. We offer residential and commercial pressure washing services to customers in the heart of Texas and are dedicated to providing you services that you are 100% satisfied with.


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